Destroy to build

The project Destroy to build studies in depth the idea of a society that loses his own culture by crudeness. A society that sees how his own Art History and his idols are devastated abruptly. Orphan, smashed or like ash in the wind. Those words could describe a situation where the only things you can find are: rests, surmises and indeterminate interpretations about what yesterday was and now not anymore. This project starts from those points to ‘reconstruct’ different artistic works who were damaged during wars. The project itself uses destruction as a method to build. Through simulations of the original work, the referent changes, to create a new conceptual interpretation.

Mirar lo que cuesta mirar

To look without blinking, without looking away, and eventually, to look at what takes effort to look; mirar lo que cuesta mirar. Based on this fundamental idea, this project is situated in front of the problems of the immigration. A series of symbolic compositions are developed using graphite on paper. They show the idea of immigration starting from the concept of myth and the tragedy who were represented during the History of Art.


The project Desencanto is based on the ironic reinterpretation of the contemporary scene by creating narratives packed with symbolic elements which help to regurgitate the consequences of a Europe in crisis. Concepts like the social and the political, tradition and identity, mythology and religion interact, oppose or stand beside each other in an open working space. Media like painting, drawing and animation contribute to confound the limits, to allow reality to dance on the border with the fictitious and to let the rhythm wipe that border.