14.09 / 14.09.2019

Group exhibition curated by Els Wuyts with works of Nele Van Canneyt, Lieven Decabooter, Karin de Vylder and Juanan Soria.


25.05 / 22.06.2019

Juanan Soria makes in this solo exhibition at the Cecilia Jaime Gallery a visual itinerary through different sequences of a video-animation that takes place between two antipodes: The extreme conservation of the artwork on one side and the destruction on the other with a storyline: the fragility. Antonyms become synonymous and always come together. You cannot understand one without the other. A back-and-forth game with only one rule: Fragile. Handle with care.


01.06 / 31.08.2018

LO QUE QUEDA is the result of an artistic project during an art residence in Fundación Huerta de San Antonio.


13.04 / 13.05.2018

Groep exhibition with artists that have studied in Escuela de Arte of La Casa de las Torres of Úbeda with works of Ángeles Agrela, Fernando Bayona, Miguel Ángel Camprubí, Tíscar Espadas, Marcelo Góngora, Salvador González, Pedro Líndez, Damián Martínez Guijarro, Bartolomé Montes, Cabello X Mure, Marta Moreno, Manuel Rodríguez, Pepa Salas, Miguel Scheroff and Juanan Soria.

BAD 2018

08.02 / 11.02.2018

BELGIUM ART DESIGN is an art and design event that will take place from February 8th to 11th, 2019 at the ICC Gent.


23.10 / 24.10.2016

In the 11th edition of NUCLEO’s Open Ateliers, more than 150 artists open their workplace for the public in 7 different places in Ghent. In this edition NUCLEO asked for extern artists, curators, art critics… to be a ‘Knower’. This person had to visit the different places and elaborate their own interpretations about the artists, the buildings, the ateliers or the art processes.


04.09 / 24.09.2016

The only sense of oblivion is denial. Juanan Soria establishes a dialogue with the time from fragments of destroyed works and ostracized symbols . His work recovers the memory and makes of this process an end in itself. The process as process. Destroy to build. Resistance and struggle to understand the past, to understand the journey, to understand today. With all that this implies.


09.06 / 01.07.2016

Galería A del Arte presents the second edition CALL_2016, a call for young artists with three important goals: discover the new generations of artists in Spain; get to know new artistic proposals and concepts; and create an art platform between artists, visitors and collectors.


06.11 / 08.11.2015

Title: Il Giovannino de Ubeda; Year: 1495-1496; Artist: Michelangelo; Broken: July 26, 1936 Spanish Civil War; Found: 17 pieces; Piece of face burned; 1994 the beginning of the restauration-Firenze; 2013 done; 2015 back to Spain. Museo del Prado; The only piece by Michelangelo in Spain; 40% old - 60% new.

Cultur3 Club

25.07 / 26.07.2015

CULTUR3 CLUB is an alternative art fair that promotes national and international artists. The selected artists, from all the expressions of contemporary art, have at their disposal a physical and digital space where they can show and sell their works without intermediary.


18.07 / 16.08.2015

During the Gentse Feesten and the Patersholfeesten, Cecilia Jaime gallery organised a group exhibition Summer Camp # 2. It showed a selection of works from the news artists of the gallery since 2012. A singular exhibition with established and also young artists where you could see installations, paintings, photography’s, sculptures…

Tumult in Gent #3

25.03 / 26.03.2015

During the lively event ‘Tumult in Gent #3 four selected artists showed their works in HUSET: Kevin Vanworteghem, Joëlle Dubois, Thanh Long Lam y Juanan Soria.


08.11 / 29.11.2014

A careless look at Juanan Soria and Ignacio Estudillo’s trajectories could understand them as being parallel. And no doubt it would be right: shared training, cohabitation, stays in the same institutions, classical influences, figurativism, will to beauty, sense indeterminacy... A more attentive look, however — maybe a closer one — would come to a myriad of choices and contingencies generating particularity.

Open ateliers. Nucleo

11.10 / 12.10.2014

During an autumn Sunday Nucleo opened the ateliers of the artists to the public. Nucleo is an art residence/organization that manages spaces in disuse in the city of Ghent to recuperate them and offers them to artists.


21.09 / 12.10.2013

Inspired by ‘the courage to look’ of nineteenth-century painters like Goya and Solana, Juanan Soria (1985, Spain) created his new work. Soria put on his most critical mask to interpret the current Spanish situation. Unemployment, daily corruption, disillusionment with the political class and the artist as an active witness of this all, are therefore the ingredients for Soria's first solo exhibition in Belgium.


15.05 / 25.05.2012

In May 2012 Juanan Soria has the opportunity to show his work in the Balkan country of Serbia. In de Kulturni Centar of Novi Sad was showed a small selection of works on paper and audiovisual pieces from Rostros de la masa project.

Rostros de la masa

24.06 / 10.07.2011

Rostros de la masa is the first solo exhibition of Juanan Soria where you can see the result of three years of hard work. The show is conformed through three different series like Social identity, Location identity and Conceptual identity where Soria makes a consideration about the identity concept with as the mean tool the type-portrait.

Next Jaén

21.10 / 19.12.2010

Next Jaén joins the work of 14 different artists from Jaen (province of Andalusia) in one place trying to show the connection between the center and the periphery. These artists are working around the world in interesting projects with some galleries, museums and curators and during one month the citizens of Jaén can enjoy with them. The artists that participate in the exhibition are : Cristina Lucas, Santiago Ydañez, Juan Francisco Casas, Jacobo Castellano, Fernando Bayona, Juanan Soria…

Octava Promoción

25.06 / 11.07.2010

Octava Promocion is organized by Fundación Antonio Gala for young artists with the goal to show the works made by the artists in residence during 2009/10. The exhibition found place in the showhall of the residence where the visitors could see a lot of projects of each artist.